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Videoconferencing systems bring CSU to the world

July 13, 2011

Seventeen campus videoconferencing systems now are available to all CSU individuals, organizations, or groups on an equal-access, space-available basis.

Not only are there LifeSize Room videoconference systems in a room near you, but there is also a portable HD system that will work in any room on campus with a network. With just one hour of training, you can check the portable system out to use at your convenience.

Here are just three examples of how these systems can be used:

  • A professor in the Foreign Languages Department used the videoconferencing system to bring a Nobel Laureate author based in Madrid, Spain to his class. After reading the author’s work all semester, students were able to meet him and ask questions.
  • Natural Resources faculty use the recording and streaming capabilities of these systems to allow distance students and other interested parties to participate in on campus lectures from their homes.
  • With two CSU offices in Denver, business between Fort Collins and Denver can be done without the drive down I-25.
System logistics

Most systems are available campus business hours (Mon-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.), with the portable system available for checkout and use at your convenience.

Locations of the most commonly used videoconference rooms.

Unlike Skype, these systems are enterprise-level/professional-grade systems that give you the highest-quality communications possible. Advanced capabilities include recording and streaming of live events. Most of these systems will allow up to six simultaneous users in a “Hollywood Squares”-style set up.

In addition to sharing voice and video, you can also share data, such as presentations, data sets, spreadsheets, whiteboards, and documents – any applications you have on your computer. Additional devices such as document camera/opaque projector, DVDs, and anything with a HDMI, DVI, or VGA connector, can also be shared.

If you’d like to reserve a videoconferencing room, contact Tony DeNardo at (970) 297-3710 or e-mail

More information

Contact: Tony DeNardo
Phone: (970) 297-3710