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Awards / Honors

Melissa Shrader - Everyday Hero

December 4, 2013

Classified Personnel Council honors Facilities Management assistant for her work creating lactation rooms on campus.

Melissa Shrader, Office Design & Space Relocation Assistant in Facilities Management Planning and Data, has received the Classified Personnel Council's Everyday Hero Award.

Melissa has been working in her present position  for five years and has been at the University the same amount of time.  Melissa had previously worked in a non-university setting and was attracted to CSU because of the stable working environment.

Lori Smith of Training and Organizational Development nominated Melissa for an Everyday Hero Award because of her willingness to go above and beyond in accomplishing a goal.  

“Melissa is working to ensure that new moms have comfortable and clean lactation spaces in key areas around campus,"  Lori said. "I asked her for some help with requests made through The Ripple Effect for improvements to existing spaces and for additional lactation spaces around campus. She has not just stepped up to the plate, she has been an enthusiastic and creative driver to make this happen. It is a pleasure to work with her!” 

Filling need for new moms

When Melissa was asked what she wanted fellow employees to know about her, she lit up sharing her passion for finding facilities for new mothers to have the comfort and privacy needed when pumping. When Melissa came back as a new mother she realized the need that the CSU campus had for lactation rooms. 

About 2 1/2 years ago this became a key point for the Commitment to Campus spearheaded by Amy Parsons, Vice President of University Operations.  At that time Melissa conducted research, created a budget and wrote a proposal to pilot five lactation rooms on campus. Since that time Melissa has been working on adding more lactation rooms to existing buildings and including at least one lactation room with every new construction project.  

When Melissa is not working she enjoys spending time with family, kids and animals.  She also conducts baby food consultation for parents that are transitioning their babies to solid food from mother’s milk or formula. 

Plans for the future

Her plans for the future are to stay at Colorado State University and continue to grow her career. Melissa has been involved in ASID as a liaison to the students at the Art Institute of Colorado where she earned her degree in Interior Design. She has also has a career within the Girl Scouts from Brownie to Cadet and transitioning into a Leader and served on the Girl Scouts advisory board.  

When asked what she thought about being nominated for the Everyday Hero Award Melissa said, “I was shocked!”  She said she recognized something needed to be done and she considered it just another project, but it was near and dear to her heart.  She enjoys the process of learning about new projects and developing them.  Melissa feels it is an honor and privilege to help mothers and to add to the diversity of the campus community.

Want to recognize a colleague?

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Everyday Hero is a special recognition program sponsored by the Classified Personnel Council  for recognizing outstanding employees within the CSU community.

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