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Working at CSU

Online Sexual Harassment Training

November 12, 2009

Colorado State University is committed to providing a safe environment for all members of our community, including faculty, staff, students, volunteers, and visitors. This not only is the responsibility of our leadership through example, development of policy, and administrative actions, it is a responsibility that we all share, and that we must all be willing to understand and contribute to.

Committed to healthy and safe environment

The issue of sexual harassment is one to which we must pay special attention, due to its particularly corrosive effects on our community, the legal ramifications of particular cases, general policy implementation, and the perception of our campus.

We are committed to a healthy and safe environment which is particularly dependent on the trusting relationships that develop between colleagues, instructors and students and student peers. Sexual harassment in any form completely undermines this trust and cannot be tolerated.

What's legally forbidden, intolerable, detrimental

We have invested in an online training program that will not only help to educate all of us in what is legally forbidden, socially intolerable, and detrimental to our campus community, but more importantly, will provide us with key tools to use when situations arise that require attention and intervention.

Our purpose is, first, to upgrade our personal understanding of our legal and moral obligations; and second, to enable us all to become leaders on campus in identifying and appropriately responding to negative behavior. Above all our goal is positive: to protect those members of our community who find themselves in sexually harassing situations – and any one of us could be that person.

Training mandatory if you receive pay from the University

This online training is mandatory for any individual receiving pay from the University:

  • faculty
  • staff
  • non-student hourly employees
  • student employees
  • GTAs
  • GRAs, etc.

This training can be found on the OEOD website.

Deadline Jan. 15, 2010 

The deadline for completion for currently employed individuals is Jan. 15, 2010. We urge you to take this course of training seriously and become part of our overall efforts at Colorado State University to ensure that we have a healthy, welcoming, and safe campus for all.

Contact: Kathy DuQuoin
Phone: (970) 491-3985