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Ask Cam

I'm waiting and waiting....

February 15, 2012

Give me a minute! I have to adjust my sundial. Question:

Cam, why does it take so long to get an answer?

Cam’s answer:

Hey, I have a social life, y’know! And games to attend, and celebrations to trot around at, and grass to gnaw on. Just taking care of all the lanolin in my coat is a time-consuming chore. I go through a half-gallon of Cam Care shampoo per week, wouldn’t you know.  

But seriously, sometimes it takes a while to track down answers. I rely on a lot of people all over campus to help out, from Facilities to Student Affairs to CSUPD to my esteemed colleagues who wander around on two legs (however do they do that?) but who know an awful lot about the university. I have to be sure the answer is just as accurate as possible, then some, so sometimes I go to multiple sources. (And thanks to all of you for being so helpful over the years!)

If you don’t see an answer soon after you send it in, don’t think I’m ignoring you. Some answers I can whip up in no time – like the lovely Valentine’s note I got the other day! But other answers could take a lot longer to work up and post.  

Never fear, though: Ask Cam is one of my favorite jobs. So go ahead and ask!

Yours in insatiable curiosity,

Cam the Ram