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Kiera Jackson and the Department of State

March 11, 2013

Kiera Jackson has been offered her very first internship with the U.S. State Department with the Office of Foreign Missions in L.A., California this coming summer. She is excited to be working with the professionals there while also gaining the skills and knowledge needed in becoming an official employer of the State Department.

Jackson currently leads some of the Society of Global Health Researchers in Action's U.S. State Department activities with SOGHR Executive Director Phoenix Mourning-Star.

Jackson began her involvement with SOGHR in 2012 when she encountered the State Department at different networking events. Jackson graduated last spring with her high school diploma in one hand, and her Associate’s degree in the other. She had intended to go into the medical field and work overseas applying those skills. While trying to learn about travel abroad opportunities, she became intrigued by the State Department’s work and influence in promoting democracy and supporting human rights, which inspired her and became her own dream once she started working with SOGHR and meeting the Former Counsel General to Islamabad, Mr. Steve Maloney.

Working with SOGHR

Contributing to SOGHR’s recent success, Jackson’s perseverance and drive is something to be admired and promoted throughout SOGHR and the Colorado State University campus. Her will-do spirit has left its mark on many of SOGHR’s past events. Jackson also has been a central figure in SOGHR’s weekly event of leading a Foreign Service Officer Test prep class. Each week, her and other students around the campus gather to discuss local, national and global events and dive into each section of the FSOT. Her goal is to share her passion for global diplomacy and supporting human rights around the world, and to do so through the Department of State.

Future goals

After her internship this summer, Jackson plans on coming back and starting a workshop with SOGHR to help others with the overwhelming application process. She’s excited to gain and then share her knowledge of the Department of State.

Contact: Elizabeth Hiett
Phone: (303) 522-1537