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Awards / Honors

Everyday Hero - Rosanne Ussery

October 26, 2011

Rosanne Ussery was nominated by Officer Samuel Hausman of the Police Department for an Everyday Hero Award.

Rosanne Ussery
Communications Technician
Police Department

Rosanne has been working at the Police Department as a dispatcher for the past seven years. She came to CSU as a student in 2002 and a case of miscommunication landed her in the Student Police Officer position which began her career in the police department.

Officer Hausman nominated Rosanne for an Everyday Hero award because she has an overall “reputation of superior customer service and multi-tasking ability.” He mentions two specific incidents that speak to these qualities. The first, as described by Officer Hausman, occurred in July: “Roseanne received a report of a missing juvenile. After taking the phone call, dispatching officers and updating information and locations, she finished her shift, located the juvenile on her way home, and united the juvenile with Fort Collins Police Services, who had overtaken the investigation.”

Rosanne went above and beyond especially given that her shift had ended to help someone in need. Officer Hausamn says, “I find this degree of selfless dedication to the community inspiring and heroic.”

Commitment to job and community

Another example from Officer Hausman of Rosanne’s attention to detail and her ability to trust her intuition occurred when she “received a phone call for an emergency notification that a student's father had been shot and the student needed to be removed from her class. Her training and experience led her to be suspicious of the call and further investigation determined it was false. This prevented officers from removing the student from her classroom and causing undue alarm, furthering an ongoing harassment.” Rosanne used her experience and her skill to push the caller a little more for information which led her to question their credibility.

Both incidents clearly demonstrate a commitment to her job and the community.


When Rosanne is not working, she enjoys reading and writing science fiction/fantasy stories and hopes to publish a story someday! She likes to hang out with friends and, when the weather is decent, she bikes to work.

Her plans for the future are to continue working for the Police Department. She is in charge of training new dispatchers and enjoys being able to share her experiences with them.

When asked what she wanted fellow employees to know about her, Rosanne commented that she believes that the Police Department exists to provide excellent customer service for all the different institutions on and off campus. She loves what she does and she is proud to serve CSU in this way. She was very honored and grateful to be nominated for the award.

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