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'My Favorite Lecture' explores 'Fire in the Mind'

February 19, 2010

Chemistry Professor Stephen Thompson will present his favorite lecture, "Fire in the Mind," 4:15 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 24. Thompson will juxtapose the science and poetics of fire and end the lecture with his final fire-eating show.

My Favorite Lecture with Stephen Thompson
Wednesday, Feb. 24, 4:15 p.m.
TILT Auditorium, Room 221
801 Oval Drive

Science and poetry of fire

The nature of fire has consumed poets, priests, philosophers, and politicians for thousands of years. In old and new societies fire is still the principal energy source and was the central controversy in science for 300 years.

Recently it has risen, phoenix-like, to threaten the very existence of the planet.

Lecture and fire-eating show

In his lecture "Fire in the Mind," Stephen Thompson will juxtapose the science and poetics of fire and end the lecture with his fire-eating show.

Thompson has been a fire-eater for 50 years and this will be his last performance ever.

Stephen Thompson is the director of the Center for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education, or CSMATE, a professor of Chemistry, and a University Distinguished Teaching Scholar.

Thompson personifies teaching that increases motivation, challenges students, and channels inquiry. He has directed the undergraduate chemistry laboratory program at Colorado State for many years and is a pioneer in the development and application of Small-Scale Science methods in chemistry instruction at the secondary and post-secondary school levels.

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Reception prior to lecture

No RSVP necessary; however, you may want to arrive early to ensure seating. There will be a reception prior to the lecture.

Contact: Heather Landers
Phone: (970) 491-1324