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Awards / Honors

Everyday Hero Joy Childress

April 28, 2010

Joy Childress, an administrative assistant with the CSU Police Department is the latest Everyday Hero. Joy is especially appreciated for her positive attitude, kind words, and smile for everyone she meets.

Joy Childress, an administrative assistant with CSUPD, is the latest CPC Everyday Hero.

Joy Childress
Administrative Assistant II
CSU Police Department

Joy has been nominated as an Everyday Hero by Lt. Chris Wolf of the CSU Police Department for her consistent positive attitude. Here is what Lt. Wolf had to say about Joy:

"I can think of no person more deserving of this award than Joy. She is the most positive person I know. She always has a smile and a kind word for everyone she meets.

"Joy is the manager of the Traffic and Bike Education and Enforcement Program (T/BEEP) at CSUPD. As such, she often has to deal with people that are not in the best of moods since they are coming in to pay a traffic or bike ticket. She always treats everyone with dignity, respect, and kindness. Customers almost always go away in a better mood than when they entered the department.

"Joy not only has a positive attitude when it comes to serving the public, she also displays that positive attitude when dealing with other department members. Even when department members are difficult and trying Joy’s patience, she still deals with them in a professional and a positive manner. Joy is a shining example of how someone with a positive attitude can have a significant impact on a department and the public at large.

"Recently full-time members of our department viewed a video on customer service titled 'Give Em the Pickle.' The video talked about customer service being an important part of everyone’s job. Joy has always subscribed to this notion and made it a point to show and discuss the video with all of the student employees that work for her. Joy strives to insure that she and her staff are providing the best customer service possible."

Alumna and new mother

Joy has been working for CSU since being a student March of 2003. She graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and was such a positive addition to our front office, she was given a full-time position in August 2008.

Joy loves being a new mother. She paints as well as runs and is into fitness for herself and family. She loves to travel and has been to Europe several times during her school years. Her plans for the future include continuing to live a happy life and like her name with “Joy!”

When asked what she thought of being nominated, Joy replied “I am honored”.

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