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Don't forget to shovel

December 7, 2009

How many inches of snow do you already have on your sidewalk? Please let this serve as a friendly reminder that the city has an ordinance that requires owners or tenants of properties to keep their sidewalks "free and clear of snow and ice."

24 hours to clear sidewalk

If the public sidewalk adjacent to the street is not clear or safe, and more than 24 hours has passed since the end of the snowstorm, the City may have the sidewalk cleared. The property owner is billed for the service which seldom runs less than $50.

This rule applies even when you are away on holiday break. It’s a good idea to ask a neighbor or friend if they would shovel your sidewalk while you are away. Maybe even bribe them with cookies or buy them a new shovel!

In the past, there have been HUGE snowstorms over break and quite a few students ended up with pricey contractor bills (as high as $300) because they weren’t there to shovel their sidewalks.

You have 24 hours after it stops snowing to get your sidewalk clear, and that includes scraping off the ice.

Our advice: Invest in ice-melt!

If your sidewalk is still slippery after you get done shoveling, try using some ice-melt, kitty litter, or sand to keep your sidewalk safe. And when shoveling, throw the snow into the yard instead of the street because it can cause drainage problems and be dangerous to bikers in the bike lane. Doing so will also water your lawn when the snow melts!

Stay warm and enjoy the snow,

Melissa Emerson
Community Liaison Assistant Director
Off-Campus Life  or (970) 491-6707

Contact: Melissa Emerson
Phone: (970) 491-6707