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Osher Re-entry Scholarship applications now being accepted to help students defray tuition costs

April 15, 2011

2011/2012 Osher Re-entry Scholarship Information

Purpose of the Award

The Bernard Osher Foundation has provided universities across the country with funding to help defray much of the tuition expense for re-entry students. CSU is in its second year of being a grantee of the foundation.

The goal is to help ease the financial barrier created by today's high tuition costs as students complete a degree. We are planning to award 12 scholarships at about $4,000 for the 2011-12 academic year to apply toward tuition costs, with half of that amount being available each semester. Up to four semesters of funding may be available to support students in graduating within the time frame of the scholarship award.


Carefully review the qualifications to determine if you are eligible. Only applicants that fulfill all of the qualifications as listed will be given consideration. Call Jan Rastall at (970) 491-0415 if you are unsure and need more information.

To qualify for this scholarship, you must meet all of the following:

  • Be between the ages of 25 and 50 at the time of application (resident and non-resident allowed).
  • Be working toward completing first bachelor's degree.
  • Have an enrollment gap of at least five years (may be cumulative; does not have to be sequential) while working toward a first bachelor’s degree. (An enrollment gap refers to a period of time when no active, for credit coursework, is being pursued).

- Donna did not enter college immediately out of high school, and now after five years she is starting back.
- Harold attended a community college immediately after high school and earned an Associate’s degree; after five years he is entering CSU to complete a bachelor degree.
- Betty waited one year after high school to begin college; she quit after one year, worked for two years, returned to college for another year, quit and worked for two years, etc. It’s been 10 years since she started working on her bachelor’s degree.

  • If you are currently enrolled at CSU, you may apply if you have a minimum of 60 credits (junior status) toward your selected major. If you are transferring in, at least 60 credits must apply to your selected major.
  • Have already applied and been accepted to CSU.
  • Demonstrate financial need as determined by FAFSA. (Must have already completed a FAFSA form; visit to file your FAFSA).
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.75 for all college/university credits already taken.
  • Anticipate workforce participation of at least 10+ years following graduation.

Award Information

To receive and maintain the award over the course of the academic year, you must meet all of the following requirements:

Complete at least 12 major-related, residential credits, at the Fort Collins campus, per term for the duration of the scholarship.

  1. Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 for the term(s) you receive the scholarship.
  2. During the first term of the scholarship, meet with the ORS scholarship administrator at the beginning of the semester to develop a plan for success, at mid-term to assess progress, and at the end of the semester to make adjustments for next semester.
  3. Meet with your college career liaison during first term of scholarship.
  4. Attend a focus group, comprised of other ORS scholarship recipients, at the end of the first semester to assist with evaluation of the ORS program.
  5. Maintain continuous registration (Fall and Spring) in residential classes at the CSU campus in Fort Collins, throughout the duration of the award. On-line, Continuing Education, and Global CSU programs are not considered residential classes and therefore students primarily enrolled in these programs are not eligible for the Osher Award. On-line courses are allowed.

Contact Jan Rastall at (970) 491-0415 or by email at before registering for an on-line course. On-line courses must be approved ahead of time to insure that it will meet scholarship criteria.

Please note: Your total financial aid received from all sources (including grants, work-study, loans, and all scholarships) cannot exceed the cost of attendance. If your total aid package, derived from miscellaneous sources, exceeds the cost of attendance, CSU may be required to reduce your institutional aid.

Osher Re-entry Scholarship Application

Be sure you comply with the following deadlines and directions. Only complete applications will be considered.

For the 2011-2012 academic year scholarships, the deadline for applying is Friday, May 27, 2011, at 5 p.m. There will be a "rolling selection process." Complete an Osher Reentry Scholarship application found on the following website.

Additional materials may be uploaded and attached to the application or mailed to Jan Rastall, Director, Adult Learner and Veteran Services, Colorado State University, 8033 Campus Delivery, Fort Collins, CO, 80523-8033.

You must do the following in order to complete your application:

• Complete a FAFSA form for CSU - visit to file your FAFSA (This will be used to determine "financial need").
• Submit one letter of reference from a current or recent employer (or volunteer work supervisor) focusing on quality of your work and overall work ethic addressed to the ORS Selection Committee.
• Submit a copy of your financial aid information obtained from your RamWeb. This should contain a list of the loans, grants, and scholarships you’ve been offered for the upcoming academic year.
• Answer the following questions. Please limit answer to each single question to no more than two pages, using double space, Times New Roman, 12 point font (1 inch margins on each side):

  • What motivates you to seek a bachelor's degree?
  • What obstacles have you faced in completing your bachelor's degree? Why do you think you will now be able to overcome those obstacles?
  • What are your goals for the 10 years following graduation? Be specific.

The Osher Re-Entry Scholarship application process is web-based. The online system simplifies the application process and provides a web-based interface to everyone involved in the process. To start the application process, visit and create a login and password. Once on the homepage, click on the Application Guidelines link in the left sidebar and review the qualifications. It's important that you meet the qualifications as stated.

If you have any questions, please contact Jan Rastall, Director, Adult Learner and Veteran Services and administrator of the Osher Re-entry Scholarship, at or call (970) 491-0415.

If you meet the qualifications, click on the New Applicants link in the left sidebar and begin the application process. If you need to return to update your application or to complete it, just click on the Returning Applicants link on the left and log in.

The deadline to complete your application is 5 p.m. on Friday, May 27, 2011. All applications received by that date will receive priority consideration.

Note: The application uses Session Cookies. You must allow cookies for this site before you begin; otherwise you will be unable to complete the application.


If you comply with the above stipulations and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 per term the first year of ORS funding you may re-apply for a second year of ORS funding (if this ORS funding pool remains available). Each year involves competitive applications.

No student will be awarded more than 4 semesters of ORS support and second year of scholarship funding is in no way guaranteed.

Learning more about the Bernard Osher Legacy

This scholarship has been funded through the generosity of the Bernard Osher Foundation. Learn more about this philanthropic organization.

Find out more about the Osher Reentry Scholarship Program nationwide.

Not only has the Osher Foundation provided funding for the Reentry Scholarships, but they have also given money to support the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at CSU. This institute offers a wide variety of courses and networking opportunities for individuals ages 50 and better.

More information

Members of the CSU community are very grateful for all that the Osher Foundation has done over recent years. We owe them our sincere thanks!

Contact: Jan Rastall
Phone: 970-491-0415