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Ask Cam

Winter wonderland for some people - and pumpkins

November 2, 2011


Cammy! The snow! The snow!

Cam’s answer:

Don’t you just know it, my frozen friend! Just when we get done cleaning up all the tree branches that surround my grazing land, the snow just comes down all over again.

Good think I have a thick pelt. No need to layer up like you do, but this morning I did have to wear my Sorel boots – with plenty of padding so my skinny hooves fit. 

Speaking of snowstorms, here’s a couple of photos for you. The archive photo above shows the results of a storm on Sept. 22, 1895. Spruce Hall is on the right and Old Main, which doesn’t exist any more, is on the left.  

The three pumpkin amigos in the other photo were covered from that late October snowstorm that cracked off a lot of branches around campus and all over the place. Clean-up crews still are pruning and cleaning up broken branches – except now, when the branches are all buried under new snow.  

More storms are expected to roll through Colorado, and the winter solstice is still a month and a half away!

By the way, the punkin photo was taken by Adam Warren, a superman in the Web Communications team.  

And while I'm at it: For the latest on campus closures and conditions no matter what the weather, check out CSU’s Public Safety website

Yours in a winter wonderland,

Cam the Ram