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Awards / Honors

Everyday Hero - Joy Sholts

April 21, 2011

Joy Sholts, Administrative Assistant III
Department of Military Science Army ROTC

Maj. Eric Westphal, an assistant professor in the Department of Army ROTC, nominated Joy Sholts for the Everyday Hero award.

“Ms. Joy Sholts is an everyday hero because of her continued dedication to our staff, our student/cadets, and the university," Westphal says. "Joy has always been there for her co-workers when questions about the university arise. Because a lot of us here in Army ROTC are not familiar with the way a civilian organization works regarding rules and regulations, Ms. Sholts finds herself constantly helping us all stay on track.

Pull, don't push

"In the Army and other military services, there is a tendency to push against the door which is clearly labeled pull," Westphal adds. "Joy is the center of gravity here at our department and helps us identify the right way to accomplish things as well as guiding us on building relationships on campus and the surrounding community.

"Having worked at CSU for a little over 13 years, Joy is a subject matter expert on most topics that the rest of us struggle with. During coordination through the university, Joy uses her personal skills and relationships with other departments to help ensure we never fail our mission.

Working through an accident

"A few months ago, Ms. Sholts was in a terrible car accident that left her in a great amount of pain. She continues to recover even to this day through therapy and pain medication.

"The day after the accident, Ms. Sholts was available for help with coordination between our department and the university. Most folks in this situation would have taken full advantage of the allocated time off, but Ms. Sholts recognized that her duty to us and to the students was greater than the pain she was going through at the time.

She is always on time and always willing to go above and beyond her duty descriptions to help all of us find success. Ms. Sholts is definitely an Everyday Hero to all of us here at the CSU Army ROTC Department.”

Different times, different places

Joy began working at CSU 13 years ago in the Office of the Vice President for Administrative Services. Wanting to work more directly with students, Joy transferred to the department of Fishery and Wildlife Biology. Joy also worked in the Statistics department before settling in her current home at Military Sciences, where she has been for the past four years.

Joy works for a unique department and considers the people she works with to be part of her family. She is passionate about the students/cadets that she interacts with on a daily basis.

ROTC: For love of country

She hopes that fellow university employees recognize the sacrifice ROTC students are making for our country. These students willingly and proudly choose to be part of the ROTC program where they can get their degree and serve their country as officers despite the potential consequences. Being the only person in the department without a military background, Joy sees her job as a way of being able to give back for our freedom that these young men and women defend.

Along with participating in family activities, Joy’s future plans are to watch her son graduate high school this spring and move on to college while her daughter works on finishing her teaching degree at the University of Northern Colorado.

Joy was honored to receive the “Everyday Hero” award and said, “It is nice to be recognized for doing your job.”

Want to recognize a colleague?

Do you have a colleague who deserves recognition, a co-worker who makes the workplace better or someone who just “made your day?”

Everyday Hero is a special recognition program sponsored by the Classified Personnel Council  for recognizing outstanding employees within the CSU community.

All Colorado State University state classified staff, administrative professionals, and faculty members are eligible to receive the award.

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