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Post Paradise at Lagoon

August 6, 2014

On Wednesday, Lagoon concert-goers are sure to get an exciting show with Post Paradise as the headliner.

Wednesday, August 13
6:30-8:30 p.m.
West Lawn of the Lory Student Center

Post Paradise performing at Hodi's Halfnote. <em>Photo courtesy of Post Paradise.</em>Indie poeticism at its finest

The indie/alternative rock group, featuring Amy Morgan on the cello, Nick Duarte with vocals, Mark Roshon on drums and percussion, and Chris Santolla on bass, blend rock with an indie classical sound, best showcased by the punctuation of Morgan’s cello -- the most iconic element of the band's sound.

"Amy is a wonderful player; she has a classical background and has been playing most of her life," said Duarte. "When she first joined the band -- before we had a name or anything -- I was writing out parts for her to play; she was so used to just sight-reading in the past, she'd never had to come up with her own melodies. As time went on, she became more and more comfortable with it."

Typically, the band's shows feature elaborate lighting accompanying their music; however, with an outdoor day-time venue, Post Paradise has needed to make a few adjustments in order to entertain their fans. 

"As a frontman, working an outdoor crowd is much different than getting people going at an indoor show," said Duarte. "I mean, we don't write our music for anyone other than us, but we still like to entertain. I make a lot more contact and banter with people at outdoor shows, maybe since there's so much space between us and the people in the back. Everything needs to be grander. There's nothing better than getting a lot of energy back from a crowd through your live music."

That one time... at a karaoke partyPost Paradise at the Bluebird Theatre. <em>Photo courtesy of Post Paradise.</em>

Despite his love of the limelight, Duarte didn't start singing in public until his teenage years.  

"I do remember that I would sing a lot in my early teens, but never really in front of people," admits Duarte."One time at a karaoke-type party when I was 16, I sang -- I think it was an Everclear song -- and I remember the looks on people's faces.

"I knew it must've been pretty good, because they were just looking at me like we'd never met," he recalls laughing. "I got a lot of compliments after that 'performance,' and started a high school band soon after."

See how far Duarte and all the members of Post Paradise have come when the band plays at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 13 at the Lory Student Center West Lawn. 

CSU’s sponsors for this final Lagoon Concert of the summer are the Alumni AssociationAthletics, and the College of Engineering. Stop by their booths for information about their programs, events, and swag. Don’t forget to register to win other great CSU prizes. Pizza Casbah will be onsite serving pizza, gyros, and snowcones.

The Lagoon Concert Series is owned by Mantooth Company and co-hosted by CSU. 

Get the inside scoop: Ice Cream Social and Community Open House

Prior to the concert, CSU and Fort Collins community members are invited to the annual Community Open House and Ice Cream Social at 4 p.m. on the West Lawn. Guests can participate in games, campus tours, win prizes, listen to live music and participate in a variety of interactive booths from various divisions and colleges on campus. And of course, get their hands on some free ice cream!

CSU’s Office of the President and the Coloradoan Media Group are co-sponsors of the Community Open House and Ice Cream Social. 

CSU's commitment to the Fort Collins community

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