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Meet the loggers

March 12, 2010

With the Rocky Mountains as nature's backdrop, the Stihl Timbersports Collegiate Series presented by Carhartt brings its Western Collegiate Challenge, the premier wood-cutting, heart-pumping collegiate lumberjack competition, and the ESPNU cameras to Colorado State University's campus Wednesday, March 17 - Friday, March 19.

Team prepares for big competition

This Wednesday, the wood chips will fly as the CSU Logging Team is set to compete in the Stihl Timbersports Western Collegiate Challenge.

The competition will include 14 other college and university teams from across the country and will be broadcast by ESPNU. Want to know more about the team? Meet a few of the members.

Killian Malone

Year and major: Senior, forestry with a concentration in forestry biology

Years on team: Four

Competition events: "I compete in everything. My favorite events are hard-hit chopping (number of hits counts, not speed), obstacle pole (an agility/chainsaw event), and the choker course (an obstacle course)."

What are you looking forward to most?: "I am most looking forward to showing off our new competition grounds, doing well and scoring lots of points as a team, and performing well and scoring lots of points personally.

"I really want to put on a good show. Our Sport Club advisors, families, and friends will be coming to watch us and many of them have never seen this kind of event before, so I hope to make them proud and get them excited about what we do.

"I am also very excited for March 20th, the day after the show; I'll finally get to sleep at night hand over the reigns as team president/captain."

Vince Mowery

Year and major: Senior, natural resources management

Years on team: Three

Competition events: "I compete in underhand and vertical chopping, single and double buck sawing, obstacle pole, choker course and pole climb, as well as axe throw and caber toss."

What are you looking forward to most?: "This competition, I am looking forward to doing well in the chopping events, as I'll be defending several chopping titles from our fall competition. Also, I really hope that the entire competition runs smoothly, as we've spent the last six months planning and working on it!"

Nicholas Woodruff

Year and major: Senior, history

Years on team: Two

Competition events: "I will be competing in horizontal hard hit, [obstacle pole], power saw, log rolling, and double buck."

What are you looking forward to most?: "I'm looking forward to chopping, hanging out with fellow loggers and showing off my mustache."

Andy Cloyd

Year and major: Sophomore, forestry

Years on team: One

Competition events: "I compete in underhand hard-hit (a chopping event) and in some sawing events."

What are you looking forward to most?: "I am looking forward to getting some competition experience and to meet the competitors from the other schools."

See them compete

The Stihl Timbersports Western Collegiate Challenge will take place on March 17-19 at newly rebuilt logging field located near the south side of Vine Drive west of Overland Trail (part of the CSU Motorsport Engineering Research Center compound).

For more information on the team, visit the CSU Logging Team website.