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Ask Cam

No daze like snow days

October 29, 2009


"Cam, what criteria does the university use to assess closing for inclement weather?"

Cam’s response:

Was there some sort of recent weather event that brought this question to mind? Since we are upon winter, I’ll use snow as the example, but this process would be used for any type of bad weather:

When a nasty bit of weather is hitting or about to hit campus, CSU’s top administrators meet to discuss the situation. They take input from all over, including from CSUPD and Facilities workers to assess the conditions out on campus. Also, they take into account what the city and county are doing because if they decide to close things down, they want everyone off the roads.

For overnight storms, they will meet and make a decision before 5 a.m. Many times they will actually drive around campus themselves to get an idea of how it is out there. Aside from how much snow has fallen, they take into account wind speed and the sizes of snow drifts, and any tree limbs that may cause trouble. The final aspect taken into account is the forecast of what we can expect the weather to do (either stop snowing or pick up in intensity).

It’s probably one of the more thankless jobs on campus.

Not many people are going to be happy if they have to go to class or work with more than a few inches of snow on the ground. But then again, students pay good money for each class, and there is plenty of work for faculty and staff, who will get paid regardless if they work zero hours, two hours, or eight hours if campus has to close.

They also have to take into account the 5,000 students living on campus, the care of many animals here, operations at the vet hospital, and all the employees it will take to get the campus clear of enough snow so people can walk or drive.

Sure, keeping campus open and messing up everyone’s plans for snow-day activities won’t win you the Ram of the Year Award, but we all have a job to do here. Sometimes you just have to be a little tougher, but your boots on and head on out -- Rams wait for nobody, even Mr. Sun.

Look for me out on campus shoveling – I’ve got to do my part!

Woolly, wool me, wool you –