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CSU Bookstore fall book Buyback

November 30, 2012

From Dec. 5 to Dec. 14 each and every student has the opportunity to receive cash on the spot for selling their used textbooks at the Colorado State University Bookstore. In fact at the end of every semester the bookstore offers this same opportunity.

What you can expect

Those who participated in last years book buybacks on average saw a $168 exchange rate.  A denomination that could mean making rent, buying the perfect Holliday present, or just starting the new year off that much richer. 

CSU Bookstore v. the competition

Of course there are other venues that will allow you to sell your book to or through them but the advantages of the CSU Bookstore Buyback seem to outweigh the competition.

John Parry, the Director of the CSU Bookstore said, “the biggest advantages the CSU Bookstore has over the competition are we accept more books for CSU classes, we have more locations and we pay the highest price.”

Maximize your dollar

Getting the most bang for your book may take a little bit of effort from you.

What determines the value of each particular book is the CSU Bookstore’s inventory of that book so as the coffer fills the fewer bills will be given.

Parry encourages students to “keep your books as long as you need, and sell it on your way to your final.”

Acceptions to the rule

CSU bookstore will not accept any books that have;

  • water damage
  • extensive writing inside
  • binding damage
  • missing pages or pieces
  • or if the book has not been adopted by a teacher for next semester

So, if you so choose to participate with the CSU Bookstore Buyback be sure to bring books that apply to the four book Buyback locations as soon as possible.


The four locations are spread out around campus for student convenience. The first and main location is the bottom level of the CSU Bookstore.

“More specifically, (students) want to find the windows in the main hallway of the bottom level of the Lory Student Center, which connects the transit center and sunken lounge,”said Davis Church, employee of the CSU Bookstore and a senior civil engineer major.

The other three locations are; a trailer between the Clark C building and Eddy, inside Academic Village and a drive through location in the Moby Parking lot.

Brighten your week

With it being a week from finals most students are preoccupied with studying for finals, finishing projects, creating presentations and writing term papers, with all that stress why not brighten it up with a little extra cash to use as you please.

For more information visit the CSU Bookstore website.