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Stereotyping of people with disabilities

February 19, 2009

Colorado State University is committed to developing excellent and effective leaders that will have an impact on our society.

Discrimination and stereotyping

Thursday, Feb. 19, 10 a.m.
LSC Spring Creek

Not as widely recognized as sexism or racism, ableism is manifested in covert and overt behavior resulting in discrimination and prejudice toward those with disabilities.

The purpose of this presentation is to "reframe" disability by promoting positive and realistic images of people with disabilities. The presenters will address the belief that a person's worth is determined by physical/mental capabilities; how the disabled person is viewed as inferior; and how abelism is manifested.

This is a level two skills workshop for the REAL Experience Program but all are welcome to attend!

About REAL

The Rams Engaging in Active Leadership (REAL) Certificate program is organized by the SLiCE Office. It is is designed to meet CSU’s commitment to our student body.

The REAL Experience allows participants to develop their own knowledge with regard to effective, intellectual, and cultural leadership. This co-curricular certificate program will also prepare and develop participants to be more productive thinkers and to become more civically engaged.

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