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Get your 2008 1098-T form electronically - sign up today

January 15, 2009

Colorado State University has contracted with Educational Computer Systems Inc. (ECSI) to provide 1098-T tax forms to our students for tax year 2008.

There is a small window of time to sign up for electronic delivery of your CSU 1098-T tax form.  Please follow the instructions to sign up today by visiting "Billing Information" on RAMweb and selecting "Signup for electronic 1098-T".  The information provided on this page which you will need is:  School Code, PIN, and the link to ECSI''s website.  You will also need your CSUID number.

New vendor

If you signed up last year to receive your 1098-T information electronically with our prior vendor (TCRS), you will need to sign up again with our new vendor, ECSI. 

For questions on your 1098-T form, or ECSI''s website, please contact them directly via their online chat or by calling 1-866-428-1098.  They also have a FAQ section available on their website.

We are anticipating that electronic forms will be available early next week for download (you need to sign up before then), and paper forms will be mailed by January 31, 2009.  Paper forms will be mailed to your billing address first, then your mailing address if a billing address was not created on RAMweb prior to Jan. 1, 2009.

Contact: CSU Student Financial Services
Phone: (970) 491-6321