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Working at CSU

The Muse: The Squeeze, Part II

January 31, 2014
By Alan Rudolph, Vice President for Research

Squeezing water from a rock provides us perhaps with the closest analogy to our current funding environment.

While the juice has enjoyed most of the attention from the squeeze, the rock has not been too far behind.  Squeezing water from a rock provides us perhaps with the closest analogy to our current funding environment.  The fiscal landscape for sponsorship challenges us to be ever more creative in our thinking and strive for agility and flexibility in our relationships with partners and coalition members. The "less with more" model strains us as even we are coming out of very austere fiscal times.

This model requires us to be even more diligent about resourcing to strategic plans and priorities, to the extent we can identify how we are invested currently and would like to be invested over the next 5 to 10 years. This has become a framework for constructive dialogue and has been the basis for most of my interactions since I arrived in September.   

Powerful budget ideas

Open forum budget hearings were held this week. The ideas and passion behind the ideas presented during the course of the day from deans, senior administrators, and student government leaders was powerful. There is great opportunity to prioritize and leverage existing assets to achieve collective goals. We will continue to seek ways to have this dialogue and resource strategic goals even as we face fiscal challenges.

In representing the Office of the Vice President for Research I spoke about the need for investments in Predictive Analytics, complex proposal preparation and sponsored activity, resourcing responsible conduct of research and the CSU innovation report.  The slides can be found at the CSU Provost website.

We had a great meeting at Craig Hospital, in Denver this week.  Brett Anderson, Lise Youngblade, Wendy Wood, Hank Gardner and I visited to explore collaborative interest in neurorehabilitation and occupational health. Craig has a world reputation in spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. The meeting sparked a lot of energy and will soon be followed up with a visit on campus. This area always fires my passions given the commitment of the courageous and dedicated men and women who serve this patient population.

Leadership Innovation Series

Speaking of campus visits, we launched a new Leadership in Innovation Series that will host its first speaker Feb. 27. 

Mary Wagner, senior executive vice president for innovation at Starbucks will be speaking and spending a day on campus.  We are excited to host Mary to kick of this series and look forward to learning about what keeps her up at night (other than caffeine) and explore how CSU could collaborate with Starbucks.  An official announcement will follow shortly.

Finally, I know everyone will be glued to their television set this weekend (and you may be reading this after the Broncos have won) and I wanted to remind you, given that we have one of the top veterinarian schools in the country, that it is the tenth anniversary of the Puppy Bowl. There is supposed to be a killer kitten half-time show, too.  Enjoy.  Go Broncos!!!