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Ask Cam

Random archive shot

August 8, 2011


Cam, you seem to like archive photos from the early years of the University’s history. Well, I like them too! Can you post a random photo from the archives? If you have time – I know you’re busy hoofing it all over campus!

Affectionately yours, a true fan.

Cam’s answer:

An archive fan! I love it! I’ll have to invite you over to look at my shoeboxes full of Ramabilia. I have old, dog-eared photos of Uncle Hornsby, cousin Eunice Rambouillet, my great-grandaddy Ramblin’ Sheepskin… but I digress.

Here’s a great shot labeled “telephone theory class” from around 1918. Talk about museum pieces – just one of those phones had to weight more than a Denver directory. Or maybe a toaster oven, which nobody had back in those days.

Can you imagine telling one of those fellows in the telephone theory class about the size of phones nowadays, and what they can do? They wouldn’t believe a word of it.

Thanks for joining me in some fun. Let me know when you want to check out another old photo from our illustrious past - or from my shoebox.

Yours in visions from the past,

Cam the Ram