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Occupational Therapy offers Ph.D. in Occupation and Rehabilitation Science

October 17, 2011

The Department of Occupational Therapy at CSU will offer a new Ph.D. program in fall 2012.

Promoting health and well being

The new graduate program in occupation and rehabilitation science will offer graduate training in research and its application to helping people gain access to positive occupational opportunities, surmount daily living challenges, and participate in occupations that promote health and well-being at individual, group, and population levels.

The interdisciplinary program will help fill a need for more trained faculty and researchers in OT and related fields across the nation. This is the only Ph.D. level program in Colorado addressing the occupational therapy field of study.

The Ph.D. program will integrate knowledge from occupational science, rehabilitation science, and related disciplines pertaining to the study of human performance and participation in everyday occupations and contexts across the life span. The program will draw upon rehabilitation science’s contributions that shed light on human performance, especially as related to issues of daily function and disability. It will draw upon occupational science’s sharp focus on everyday occupations and outcomes associated with occupational participation among people of all ages and abilities.

“Everyday occupations” refers to activities involved in diverse life pursuits and social roles such as student, worker, spouse, parent, friend, advocate, athlete, artist, or recreational enthusiast, among others. Everyday occupations include activities that:

  • people need and want to do on a recurring basis;
  • impart a sense of order, routine, meaning and purpose to daily life; and
  • influence health and well-being across the lifespan both favorably and unfavorably.
Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence

Colorado State has designated the OT department as a Program of Research and Scholarly Excellence for 16 consecutive years and in 2001, the Colorado Commission on Higher Education designated the department as a Program of Excellence, the state’s most prestigious academic honor. In addition, OT is ranked in the top ten in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. The Department of Occupational Therapy is in the College of Applied Human Sciences.

The Department of Occupational Therapy is now accepting applications for fall 2012. For further information, contact: (970) 491-6253 or

Contact: Gretchen Gerding
Phone: 970.491.5182