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How about a dimmer switch for the stadium lights?

January 22, 2010

Illuminating the Green & Gold


Hi Cam! I’m a CSU employee who lives in the southwest Fort Collins area and have wondered over the years why Hughes Stadium is sometimes all lit up at odd times of the year - sometimes when it is not football season, sometimes when it is but when there is no football game that day or even the next.

Are other events scheduled there throughout the year? Thanks for any enlightenment you can offer!

Cam’s answer:

Watt a question! You’re right – the lights you see at Hughes aren’t always accompanied by the roar of mighty Rams football fans enjoying a game.

I talked with the friendly folks at Athletics and Facilities Management, and they tell me the reasons for a lighted stadium in the offseason are varied. Football practices or maintenance work may be going on that require lighting, or the field is opened to host scheduled recruiting tours in December, January, and sometimes February. Those potential CSU athletes need to see the blazing glory of our gridiron!

But rest assured that nobody leaves the lights on at Hughes after the last person leaves – except for the security lighting.

Hope this helps enlighten you!
Cam the Ram