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CSU graduate honored as 2012 Echoing Green Fellow

July 31, 2012

Zubaida Bai, a graduate of Colorado State University's Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA program and a research associate at the College of Business, was awarded a 2012 Echoing Green Fellowship.

Zubaida BaiFounder and CEO of AYZH Inc., Bai was recognized for her efforts in developing essential, affordable health technologies for women in rural India.

Echoing Green fellowship

Echoing Green’s two-year fellowship   program provides more than $2 million in seed funding to a diverse group of the world’s most promising social entrepreneurs. Though Echoing Green receives thousands of applications for the fellowship each year, the organization usually selects less than one percent to receive the award.

“The fellowship is a great recognition internationally for AYZH,” said Bai. “I am looking forward to learning from the mentorship and experience of the amazing Echoing Green team alumni. This will help AYZH operate on a scale like never before.”

Helping women globally

The GSSE program at CSU’s College of Business helped to hone Bai’s business skills and to launch the venture as a sustainable enterprise to help women globally with life-changing, life-saving products.

AYZH is dedicated to bridging the gap that exists in women’s health and medical technologies in India. While 72 percent of India’s population lives in rural parts of the country, 80 percent of healthcare facilities are located in urban areas. AYZH produces simple yet crucial supplies for women in India and then distributes them through channels that can cater to the remotest parts of the country.

AYZH products include the Sheba water filter: a household water filter to provide high quality drinking water at a low cost; and a clean delivery birth kit: a hygiene kit for rural midwives to deliver babies for post-natal health.

Zubaida Bai

Growing up in India, Bai saw many women experience extreme hardship without the proper resources to confront those problems. She wanted to create products that have a significant impact on the health of impoverished women in India.

“I have been able to keep my promise to myself to use my passion and education to make a difference in the lives of an oft-forgotten population,” said Bai.

Bai’s work with underprivileged women is widely praised, and she was selected as the TED India fellow in 2009 as well as the Maternal Health fellow for 2010-2011 by Ashoka.

About the GSSE MBA Program

CSU’s GSSE Program equips students to become global social entrepreneurs, improving the lives of people while building profitable ventures. The program admits 25 students each year, with about half of those students coming from abroad. To learn more about the GSSE program, visit the website.