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All 103 football players engage in community service

April 5, 2010

All 103 CSU football players were involved in community service projects in February and March as part of Coach Fairchild's new annual initiative. According to Fairchild, the purpose of this project is to encourage players to give back to the community that cheers them on every season.

CSU football players give back

Colorado State’s football season doesn’t end in the winter. The Rams work extremely hard during the offseason, in the weight room and on the field during spring practice.

And this offseason, the Rams added a new element to their offseason schedule: Quality time within the Northern Colorado community.

Every player on the CSU football roster, all 103 current student-athletes on campus, gave time back to the community in February and March. It’s an annual structured initiative Head Coach Steve Fairchild began this spring, to ensure that the Rams are returning the support the Fort Collins and surrounding communities have given the team.

“I asked the entire team to be involved in some sort of community service,” Fairchild said. “I know it’s difficult to be a student as well as a Division I athlete, but I also know it’s still important to give back.

“We’re not going to stop here, either. I want us to be one of the most active football programs in the country with respect to work in the community. We’ll do some other things at different times of the year.”

Rams made 10 community appearances this semester

Team advisor Johnny Square and director of football operations Tom Ehlers organized the first annual CSU football community initiative. Members of the football team made 10 appearances across Northern Colorado.

To help structure the appearances, most featured a specific position group. Several upperclassmen took the lead in keeping their teammates accountable, and the Rams completed the very rewarding experience in time for the beginning of spring practice.

“Pastor Square and Tom were a big help in organizing this for us,” Fairchild said. “They went to work at the beginning of this past semester to come up with some places in the area where our players could be effective in making a difference. I was very proud of the leadership many of our seniors and other players displayed.”

Boys and Girls Club of Larimer County

Several defensive linemen, cornerbacks and safeties visited the Boys and Girls Club on March 2 and March 11. At each of the two appearances, players helped members of the club with homework and reading, and also participated in the club’s sports programs. The three Larimer County locations service 100-150 kids each day.

March 2: 

  • Eugene Daniels
  • Cory Macon
  • Ty Whittier
  • C.J. James
  • Adam Seymore
  • Broderick Sargent
  • Zach Tiedgen

March 11:

  • Marcus Shaw
  • Brandon Owens
  • Momo Thomas
  • Dru Taylor
  • Jonathan Gaye
  • Ezra Thompson
  • DeAngelo Wilkinson
  • Immanuel Mitchell
  • Weston Richburg
  • Robbie Ford

Wide receivers volunteer at Lakeview Commons Assisted Living

On a Sunday afternoon, the Rams participated in Lakeview Commons Assisted Living’s social hour, meeting with the elderly residents and their families.

  • Jyrone Hickman
  • Matt Yemm
  • Byron Steele
  • Tyson Liggett
  • Marquise Law
  • Blake Swain
  • Chris Robinson
  • Vernon Scott
  • Alex Johnson
  • Michael Liss (and several others)

Defensive linemen visit Foothills Gateway

Several players visited the Foothills Gateway adult-care services center, which has improved the lives of thousands of people with cognitive disabilities since 1972, to play video games such as Wii, put puzzles together, and in general, get to know some of the members and their families.

  • Guy Miller
  • Nuku Latu
  • Ben Tedford
  • Curtis Wilson
  • Te’jay Brown 

Offensive line visits Respite Care

The biggest players on the team spent the afternoon visiting with patients and their families serviced by Respite Care. The organization is a non-profit entity open 24 hours a day to help children with developmental disabilities and their families.

  • Weston Richburg
  • Ryan Griffith
  • Jake Gdowski
  • Connor Smith
  • Paul Madsen
  • Scott Carter
  • Tyler McDermott
  • Justin Becker
  • Brandon Haynes
  • Mark Starr
  • Joe Caprioglio
  • Jordan Gragert
  • Josh Tashiro
  • Jared Biard

Safeties visit North Shore Health and Rehab Facility

The players met senior citizens at the North Shore Health and Rehab Facility to spread goodwill, take some photos and share a few laughs on a Saturday afternoon.

  • Scott Zick
  • Travis Ford
  • Dayton McMillan
  • Elijah-Blu Smith
  • Austin Gillmore
  • Alex Stratton
  • Beau Brittenham
  • Jarrad McKay
  • Ivory Herd, Dillon Holliam
  • Mike Orakpo

Specialists visit Lemay Health and Rehab Facility

CSU’s kickers, punters and long-snappers, brought smiles and a good time to elderly patients at Lemay Health and Rehab Facility who are struggling to overcome surgeries and other health issues.

  • Scott Albritton
  • Chad VanderMolen
  • Pete Kontodiakos
  • Ben DeLine
  • Hunter Blevins
  • Tanner Hedstrom
  • Luke Diehl

Tight ends and fullbacks help Hearts and Horses

The players toured the Loveland Hearts and Horses facility, then helped to move and organize supplies into a new paddock. They also interacted with clients at the therapeutic riding center, which promotes physical, cognitive, emotional and social well-being for people with special needs, through equine-assisted therapy.

  • Eric Peitz
  • Zac Pauga
  • Cameron Moss
  • Brennan Price
  • Jason Klingerman
  • Doug Richau
  • Cameron Bourdon
  • Joe McKay
  • Joe Brown
  • Akeelo Rhoden
  • Jameson Gann
  • Matt Weems
  • Ryan Murphy 

Running backs and QBs help Open Door Mission

CSU’s signal-callers and ball-carriers devoted a couple nights in February to prepare food and serve dinner to homeless individuals at the Open Door Mission, in Old Town Fort Collins.

  • Mark Woodbury
  • Derek Good
  • Larson Greenfield
  • Lou Greenwood
  • Chris Nwoke
  • Amadeus Waters
  • Leonard Mason
  • John Mosure
  • Raymond Carter
  • M.J. McPeek
  • Klay Kubiak
  • T.J. Borcky
  • Nico Ranieri
  • Pete Thomas

Linebackers help Fort Collins Recreation Department

The players joined several Fort Collins kids at the city’s annual Youth Sports Fundraiser and Football Bash, the day before the Super Bowl at The Edge Sports Center near I-25 and Mulberry. CSU’s players interacted with kids, signed autographs, and hung out with boys and girls in Grades 1-6.

  • Alex Williams
  • Ricky Brewer
  • James Skelton
  • Andy Clements
  • Davis Burl
  • Chris Gipson
  • Mychal Sisson
  • Luke Diehl
  • Michael Kawulok
  • Cam Loughery

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