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Students: Keep healthy with the CSU Health Network

September 5, 2013

Good health is essential to the academic success of students. The CSU Health Network is your partner in staying mentally and physically healthy while at college.

The CSU Health Network offers health care right on campus, providing comprehensive medical, mental health and health education and prevention services to optimize the health of students and the campus community. Services include primary medical care, counseling, a full pharmacy, radiology, lab, dental and optometry services, physical therapy, immunizations, tobacco cessation and more.

View a complete list of medical, counseling and health education and prevention services as well as hours of operation.

The student health and counseling fee, which is part of your larger fee package, provides unlimited office visits with primary care medical and psychiatric providers and offers up to five individual/couple counseling sessions per semester. These fees also subsidize CSU Health Network services, such as radiology, lab, pharmacy and specialty services. Health Education and Prevention Services is supported by the student health fee and work to identify campus health priorities and support students in making healthy choices. CSU Health Network charges may be billed to student accounts or paid by MasterCard, Visa, check or cash.

CSU Student Health Insurance Plan

The CSU Student Health Insurance Plan picks up where the student health fee leaves off. Though the CSU Health Network provides comprehensive care, insurance coverage is important in case of an emergency or if off-campus services are needed. The CSU Student Health Insurance Plan provides benefits both within the CSU Health Network and off-campus.

Please note: Beginning January 2014, all CSU students will be required to carry health insurance in compliance with the Health Care Reform Act. The enrollment deadline for the Student Health Insurance Plan is Sept. 11. More information about this is coming soon.

RamCare Supplement Program

Do you want the convenience of on-campus healthcare without the hassle of coordinating with your private health insurance? Does your health plan have great catastrophic coverage but falls short when it comes to minor illness and injuries? Do you have a high deductible when you are out of network? If so, the RamCare Supplement Program may be for you!

The RamCare Supplement Program is designed for students who have another health insurance plan. It covers certain services at the CSU Health Network that would otherwise be billed at the time of services. The enrollment deadline for the RamCare Supplement Program is Sept. 17.