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Student receives state department internship

March 29, 2012

Elle Sundar has been offered four internships with the U.S. State Department ranging from Geneva, Switzerland to Warsaw, Poland, and even Tallinn, Estonia. She has chosen to spend her time in Tallinn, Estonia, in the public affairs position, because she feels that is where she can have the greatest influence and opportunity for getting her foot in the door as a future ambassador.

Achieving a dream

Sundar currently the Co-Vice President of the International Outreach and leads the Society of Global Health Researchers in Action’s U.S. State Department activities with SOGHR Executive Director Phoenix Mourning-Star. 

Sundar began her involvement with SOGHR in 2011 when her persistence and drive at various state department networking events was noticed. Soon after, she was given the opportunity to share some of her successful spirit with the state department. Sundar has always been intrigued by the state department’s work and influence, and once she met Ambassador Pierce, she felt there was no longer anything holding her back from achieving her dream.

Central figure for SOGHR

As one of the key players in SOGHR’s recent success, Sundar’s perseverance and drive is something to be admired and promoted throughout SOGHR and the CSU campus. Her will-do spirit has left its mark on many of SOGHR’s past events.

Sundar has also been a central figure in SOGHR’s research into a pilot project investigating the political, economic, environmental and humanitarian feasibility of utilizing poppy oil as a renewable energy source for subsistent rural farmers in Afghanistan. The hard work paid off when her project partner, Mourning-Star, was able to make an on ground assessment of the current state of Afghanistan life, politics and agriculture during meetings with Afghan Ministries on a recent trip to Kabul.

Hosted World Water Day speaker

Additionally, Sundar lead the 2012 observance of the United Nation’s World Water Day at CSU in which she hosted keynote speaker James Tindall on water safety accompanied by a daylong interactive exhibit of local actors and governmental entities to increase awareness on campus.

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