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Ask Cam

Date that Photo!

April 16, 2009

Ariel view of the east side of CSU's main campus


"When was this photo taken?"

Cam's response:

Well this is a real horn scratcher. In the CSU photo archive, it has a date of 2004 (apparently the year it was scanned into the electronic archive). My old ram eyes can't quite see the tags on any license plate. Therefore, your intrepid mascot had to do some detective work to see if a timeframe can be pieced together.

Here is what we can deduce:

• The National Center for Genetic Resource Preservation (aka the “seed storage lab”) just north of General Services has not yet been expanded in the photo. The current facility at Mason Street and University Avenue was built in 1992.

• The Jack Christiansen Track can be seen in the foreground. It was opened in 1989.

• The giant “I (heart) CSU” was just added in with a photo editing program. It does not really exist. Though it would no doubt be breathtaking if it did.

After reviewing the evidence, I declare this photo was taken in the early 1990s (between 1989 and 1992).

Elementary, my dear rammies …