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October 21, 2011

Cam the Ram's retro entertainment - no HD for the Ramster!Question:

Why can't we use those fancy HD TVs in the dorm dining halls to advertise for student organization events around campus that are aimed at on-campus students? Every time I go into a dining hall those TV screens are only displaying the menu and weather. It may help me be GREEN by cutting down on table tent waste.

Cam’s answer:

Here’s an idea. Find out who's in charge of those TVs in your residence hall. It may take a little detective work and talking to more than one person, but when you find the TV programmer, be diplomatic, open, engaging, and curious, and I’ll bet you’ll find some answers.  

As to your contention that you’ll somehow be greener: I have no idea what you mean by “table tent waste.” At any rate, I think you know that being green embraces a life style and isn’t necessarily a means to take care of minor irritations.     

Best of luck on your quest,

Cam the Ram