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Awards / Honors

Colorado State inducts the first chapter of the Tau Sigma National Honor Society

May 6, 2010

The first ever class of the Tau Sigma National Honor Society at Colorado State University was inducted on Thursday, April 29 during a formal ceremony in the Longs Peak Dining Room.

Transfer students' academic achievements

The Tau Sigma National Honor Society is a national membership organization recognizing the academic achievements of transfer students. To be eligible for membership students must have transferred to CSU after taking a full year’s worth of credits at a different institution, and have obtained a 3.5 GPA or higher after their first semester here.

This is the first chapter of Tau Sigma in the state, a distinction worn with pride. Congratulations the 73 inductees of the Spring 2010 class of the Tau Sigma-Gamma Epsilon Chapter:

  • Odunlami Adebayo Adefisayo
  • Jenna Lee Bagnall
  • Christine Amber Banman
  • Kyle Joseph Bieganek
  • Jennifer G. Bishop
  • Shawn P. Brennan
  • Beau J. Bronken
  • Roy E. Browning
  • Jonathan D. Burnett
  • Deanna Justine Chavez
  • Nicholas Adam Cole
  • Samantha Lynn Colestock
  • Amie A. Conant
  • Shawna L. Cook
  • Rose M. Corbett
  • Tamara Gayle Courtney
  • Kimberly McCurry de Bruyn Kops
  • Christine D.O. Decker
  • Diego A. Delgadillo
  • Cassandra Durant
  • E. Anne Farmer
  • John A. Firestone
  • Joel G. Garcia
  • Jennifer Paige Godleski
  • Mallory Jo Hall
  • Tanara L. Hansen
  • Laura J. Hantzis
  • Teresa Hope Harkins
  • Patricia A. Hayes
  • Lauren Renae Heffernan
  • John B. Holt
  • Daniel Patrick Huff-Hannon
  • Ashley Elizabeth Ivers
  • Abbie Lee Jefferson
  • Leah C. Kent
  • Christopher Wayne Kline
  • Ilana Leah Laurvik
  • Pamela S.Layne
  • Julia Kathleen Lester
  • Eric A. Losh
  • Mark G. Mahan
  • Jeremy David Mellema
  • Shane Michael Mello
  • Alba Vianey Molina-Nogal
  • Ian Alexander Naudain
  • Petrus Ndaluka
  • Kristina Elizabeth Nordwall
  • Bridget Kathleen O'Hickey
  • Kristine N. Peters
  • Wendy L. Pischer
  • Marie J. Poisson
  • Jacob Lee Reiter
  • Christopher P. Robbiano
  • Debra Lynn Robinson
  • Ashley S. Rodriguez
  • Brandi Kae Sampson
  • Paula K. Schramm
  • Mollie Campbell Simpson
  • Carolyn Alyce Song
  • Ryan Matthew Spaulding
  • Elle E. Stark
  • Chelsey Lee Strode
  • John William Thompson
  • Tiffany Trenese Thompson
  • Juliann Mary Tricarico
  • Akane Ueda
  • Joseph Kevin Uptmore
  • Mary Carolyn Weaver
  • Lisa Marie Webb
  • Kieley Jean Wilson
  • Tessa K. Witler
  • Erin N. Wolcott
  • Adam Benjamin Woodward

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