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Ask Cam

Cam, When were you CAM?

July 21, 2011


Hey Cammie, what year did you become CSU's mascot?

Cam’s answer:

Funny you ask! I know the exact date when I galloped into fame and infamy!

On Jan. 11, 1946, a men’s pep club organization named the Lancers made a surprise appearance during halftime at the Colorado A&M vs. Denver University basketball game with a 115-pound domestic ram named Buck. Buck wore a blanket with the words “Aggie Rams” on it.

The Lancers organized a contest for students to name the ram, offering a $5 prize. William Simpson won the contest, naming the ram “CAM” for Colorado Agricultural and Mechanical College.

Almost two dozen Rambouillet sheep have served as CAM the Ram, and many dedicated CSU students have worked as Ram Handlers over the years.

Yours in mascotdom,

Cam the Ram (a.k.a. CAM)!