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Students "Dare to Compare" Bookstore pricing online

December 12, 2011

Cash and convenience in students' pockets -- that's what the CSU Bookstore plans to deliver once its brand new online pricing unveils in January 2012.

Price reductions in textbooks

For months, CSU Bookstore staff have painstakingly taken on the task of making more than a half million dollars in price reductions to ensure Colorado State students get the best value for their textbook purchases. It now goes even further, taking the newly-reduced pricing online and daring anyone to compare CSU Bookstore pricing with other top e-tailers.

"We know the perception sometimes is that the Bookstore can be more expensive than competitors, so we've put it to the test and not only displayed our prices for everyone to see, but also allowed students to easily purchase from competitors if they desire," said Margaret Gearhart, assistant director of books for the CSU Bookstore. "Whether it's offering top dollar at buyback or encouraging professors to turn in class book orders on time, because it helps us save students money, we work at every turn to reduce the stress and cost associated with textbook purchases."

How it works

Using a state-of-the-art software system, students visit the CSU Bookstore website and find the books for classes in which they're enrolled. After choosing a book to purchase, the system searches the world wide web to find all vendors offering the same book and shows the condition, price and availability of each. In an easy-to-use web layout, buyers can view Colorado State Bookstore prices, along with well-known discounters like and, among others. What's more, after making purchase selections, shoppers can check out and pay for choices all in one shopping cart. Gone are the days of scouring the world wide web for the best deals--the new Bookstore system conveniently allows students to make intelligent decisions as to where their money, and their time, is best spent.

"We also know that Bookstore customer service is very important to our students, so we give them the best of both worlds by providing the convenience of online shopping, but the friendliness they've come to expect from the Bookstore when they pick up their books," added Gearhart. Picking up books also saves students the wait times and shipping fees associated with some online retailers, so students can feel confident they're getting the best deal when they choose books that come from the Colorado State Bookstore.

For more information and to sign up to receive an email with a link to this new service, visit the CSU Bookstore.

Contact: Margaret Gearhart
Phone: (970) 491-1659