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Classified Personnel Council serves critical role in advocating for state classified employees

November 11, 2010

More than 2,000 Colorado State University employees are state classified personnel, employees of the State of Colorado assigned to CSU who work hand-in-hand with faculty and other employees to carry out the operations of the University. From working with students to assisting researchers, classified personnel are essential to keeping the campus moving each day.

Leadership role in representing coworkers

Though varied in their jobs, all classified personnel are unified by representation through the Classified Personnel Council, a group of dedicated employees who have taken a leadership role in representing their coworkers and serve as a liaison between classified employees and the University.

“CPC is an outstanding organization that serves several critical functions on campus, including advocacy for the issues that matter most to state classified employees, working with University leadership on important issues facing all employees, participating in high-level committees, including diversity, benefits, and search committees, and strategic planning efforts,” said CSU’s Vice President for University Operations Amy Parsons.

“I, along with other University leadership and the other employee councils, rely tremendously on the input and ideas from the CPC, and the University as a whole benefits greatly by having a robust and active CPC. I strongly encourage employees to become involved with this important and effective organization. “

One member space open on CPC

CPC consist of 15 members and one alternate, all classified employees working at least half-time at the University. Four officers are selected from among these 15. There is currently one member seat open on the Council, which provides an opportunity for state-classified employees interested in serving on CPC to do so. There are three alternate member spaces open.

Issues that affect the role, image and status of State Classified employees may be considered by the CPC. The Council is also charged to recommend to the President, through his designee (Vice President Parsons), proposals to define, promote, improve and protect the role of State Classified employees at Colorado State University.

CPC members represent the voice of classified staff on search committees for key university leadership positions, at special events throughout the year, as participants in the university’s Fall Leadership Forum, and in campus budget and planning discussions. CPC members also sit on University committees that impact all employees, such as the University Benefits Committee, and the University Parking Committee.

Meetings open to all employees

“CPC is a volunteer organization, and we are thankful for all the time committed by members and other state classified employees. Our meetings are open to all employees,” said Farrah Bustamante, a strategic sourcing specialist with CSU Purchasing and chair of the CPC. “We are always anxious to hear your comments, concerns and issues.”

Employees interested in joining CPC are invited to contact Bustamante via e-mail at, or by phone at (970) 491-1992 for more information.


Beyond representation of classified employees, CPC administers awards, such as:

• The Outstanding Achievement Award, the highest honor presented to classified personnel at CSU, recognizing meritorious and outstanding achievement in job skills and/or service to the University by employees in the State Classified system. Nominations are solicited at the beginning of each calendar year and awarded to five individuals by the Classified Personnel Council, along with a cash prize. Nominations are encouraged from co-workers, peers, supervisors, colleagues, groups, units or departments but must be on behalf of individual employees. Candidates must have been employed as a State Classified employee at Colorado State University for at least three years to be considered.

• The Educational Assistance Award to assist State Classified employees seeking to move ahead in their jobs/careers. Employees may use this award to meet any needs associated with further education.

• The Everyday Hero awards, a special recognition program sponsored by the Classified Personnel Council for recognizing outstanding employees of the CSU community. This recognition is for CSU state classified, administrative professionals, and faculty members.

• The Positive Action award, to recognize individuals or groups that have significantly contributed to State Classified employees at Colorado State University through systemic change. Systemic change is not only a one-time accomplishment, but the establishment of policies or actions that create a supportive work environment. The award recognizes efforts that can be considered and should be promoted as "best practices" in fostering employee performance.

Get involved

Strong CPC representation within the University community benefits all of the more than 2,000 classified employees at CSU, Bustamante said. Past CPC projects have included creation of the VIPS program, which allows CSU employees paid administrative leave to volunteer in the public schools; development of the leave bank for classified employees; and development of the awards programs listed above.

“Get involved--let us hear your ideas for projects,” Bustamante said.

To learn more about CPC, visit Look for the hidden "Cam the Ram" hidden within these pages. When found, Cam will link to an e-mail address that will allow you to register for a free gift.

Current CPC members

  • Sheela Backen
  • Lori Bates
  • Heidi Barclay
  • Sarah Barrett
  • Sara Boots-Whitfield
  • Farrah Bustamante -chair
  • Scott Chase
  • Jennifer Dimas
  • Steven Dove
  • Debborah Luntsford
  • Heather Novak
  • Debra Parker
  • George Vaillancour
  • Fran Wilson
  • Rebecca Sanchez
  • One seat is currently open

Contact: Nik Olsen
Phone: (970) 491-5507