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Short-sheeting bathrooms?

March 13, 2009

Rumor has it that we might run out of money for toilet paper on campus. Cam the Ram sets the record straight.


Hey, my wooly buddy, glad you're back answering questions. We've missed you and your wonderful insights. Lately, I've been thinking about all these upcoming budget cuts. Rumor has it that things might get so bad that Facilities will run out of funding for toilet paper. Just out of curiosity, how many rolls (and what size) of toilet paper does CSU use in a day?

Cam’s answer:

That’s what I call a down-to-earth question! And it amused me no end that the staff member who submitted the question added a motto: The Bathroom – Your Personal Library.

I love my job!

But to find out more on this, I talked with Jeff Sutton, Building Services manager at Facilities Management. His precise tally: “We use an average of 414 rolls of toilet tissue per day based on a 365-day year. The sheet size is 3.875 inches by 4.000 inches. There are 616 sheets per roll. This does not include tissue used in Housing and Dining Services, Lory Student Center, or Campus Recreation operations.”

We're looking at 255,024 sheets per day!

But there’s no need to worry about running out. Jeff tells me that TP is considered an essential part of operating the campus and thus not part of budget reductions.

The best part, though: Jeff says that campus TP is a Green Seal Certified product made of 100 percent recycled content that contains up to 49 percent post-consumer waste.

“It’s the greenest product we could find without going to a product that is exorbitantly expensive and less widely distributed,” he adds.

Here’s to being absorbed in your reading while seated on the throne!


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