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Tomorrow's careers are coming today

July 21, 2009

Lots of people these days are investigating new careers, thanks to the recession and the changing economic landscape.

Yahoo’s HotJobs website targets some jobs that just might become major options for today’s and tomorrow’s jobseekers:

Data miner. Collectors of data from the Internet for marketing purposes may become very important as more and more commerce moves online. The mean annual salary is just over $70,000; the top 10 percent can pull over $100,000.

Environmental engineer. Climate change, fluctuating energy prices, and ecological concerns are driving a new need for people who can create clean, low-impact vehicles, buildings, and products. Salary: approximately $74,000.

Accent reduction. Globalization means being able to communicate clearly with people from other cultures. Trainers work with executives, customer-relations specialists, and others around the world to eliminate speaking styles that impede clarity of communication. Salary: about $64,000.

Auto mechanic. Drivers are keeping their current vehicles longer instead of spending money on new cars, which means increased need for maintenance. And a generation of Baby Boomer mechanics is reaching retirement age. Average salary: A little over $36,000.