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Athletes: Learn your hemoglobin value

May 7, 2014

Hemoglobin is a naturally occurring substance found in blood. It helps blood to carry oxygen from the lungs to the exercising muscles.

Some athletes, possibly as a result of repeated strenuous exercise training, often have lower hemoglobin values than are considered healthy.

If you are an athlete aged between 18 and 35 years, perform moderate-to-high-intensity exercise 5-7 days per week, have a history of competitive sports participation, do not smoke, and are not pregnant, then The Human Performance Clinical/Research Laboratory in the Department of Health and Exercise Science is willing to measure your hemoglobin concentration, free of charge.


Measurement will involve collection of a tiny drop of blood from the tip of your finger following a small pinprick. Your hemoglobin value will be known within 60 seconds.

If your hemoglobin value is low, you may be invited to participate in a study attempting to answer the following question: does a supplement created for athletes affect exercise performance in a low-oxygen environment (high-altitude), recovery from strenuous exercise, and oxidative stress.

Participation will involve: use of an iron supplement, blood samples, and difficult exercise in a low oxygen environment.

You do not have to participate in the study to have your hemoglobin measured. We will measure your hemoglobin free of charge and under no obligation. Your hemoglobin value will remain confidential. Once 16 athletes have been enrolled for participation in the study, all records of your hemoglobin value will be destroyed.

Athletes should not currently be taking prescription medications, iron supplements, or using recreational drugs such as cocaine or heroin. Athletes should be available for subsequent testing in Fort Collins throughout the spring and summer.

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For more information, and/or to schedule a quick hemoglobin test, please contact the lab via telephone: (970) 491-3495 or email

This protocol and announcement have been approved by the Institutional Review Board at Colorado State University (Protocol: 14-4756H).

Contact: Christopher Bell
Phone: (970) 491-3495