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Ask Cam

Avenue of the Confusion

April 6, 2009

The straight skinny on signage


Doesn't Centre Avenue start south of Prospect, and isn't it Center Avenue north from Prospect? Why does the Chemistry Building say Center Avenue and the Yates Hall sign say Centre Avenue? Which one is right?

Cam’s answer:

You have sharp eyes, my friend. To get to the bottom of this slippery signage question, I talked with Nancy Hurt, associate director of CSU’s Real Estate Office.

“My understanding is the official name of the entire length is Centre Avenue,” Nancy told me. “For many years, Center Avenue extended from Bay Drive (south of Aggie Village) to Pitkin Avenue on the Main Campus. This road name was used as part of our campus addressing system and was still in place when the Chemistry Building and other signs were installed.”

A little more background

“When CSURF and Everitt Companies developed the Centre for Advanced Technologies adjacent to the South Campus, ‘Centre Avenue’ was installed from Shields Street to just past Research Boulevard. Years later (after 1997), the Colorado State University Research Foundation connected Centre Avenue to Center Avenue as part of the final development and in association with the Natural Resources Research Center.

“I believe the city of Fort Collins a few years ago made a formal request of the University to officially rename the campus portion of the road to match the city’s name. The University agreed, and the city changed out some of the street signs while the University used the new name on the sign for Yates Hall.”

By the way

Many thanks to Nancy! And by the way, I wandered along Centre Avenue on the campus side of the street, and I discovered a few other building signs labeled Center. I’m willing to bet my winter coat that the University will replace those signs with the official Centre as the need – and funding – allow.