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Prime questions about Meridian's closure

June 20, 2011

Prime north/south route through campus closed until 2013

 Question:"With all the construction going on campus, what is going to happen to Meridian Avenue since it is like the main transportation route from the south-side to the north-side?"

Cam’s response:  Not to get nit-picky on the details, but nothing is going to happen to Meridian Avenue other than it will get a lot less traffic while closed. It will be all the drivers that will feel the effects of the closure.

We can file this one under “Not-Popular-But-Important.” Meridian will be closed to cars until sometime in the second-half of 2013. It is closed because of construction to Engineering II and to a lesser extent, the renovation of Parmelee Hall. According to an email sent to campus in the spring from Amy Parsons, vice president of University Operations:

“This is an important safety step given the large, continuous volume of construction traffic that will be traveling Meridian during the construction period. During this time, Meridian will be restricted to construction vehicles, Transfort, and emergency and service vehicles.”

Pedestrian and bike traffic can still pass through using separate marked lanes outside of the construction routes. More about the Meridian closure can be found here.

Sorry to the Ram of bad news, but just think how glorious a new Engineering Building will be.