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Ask Cam

Light at the end of the underpass

March 31, 2010


Cam, Call me underpass paranoid, but every time I use the underpass east of Johnson Hall, I wonder to myself, "Self, when do you think this underpass was last checked for structural soundness by experts?" Then self answers, "I don't know, but it looks pretty bad with cracks etc."

This conversation with myself does not make me feel better. Perhaps I should stop talking to myself, or could you make me feel safer by giving me good news regarding this question? Also, please tell me about the newer underpass farther south.

Avid (but a bit paranoid) cyclist

Cam's answer:

Tell self: “No worries!” The tunnels are safe and sound for bicyclist and pedestrians. Toni Scofield, my good friend over at Facilities, assures me that engineers do visual checks of the tunnel from time to time.

“Facilities personnel did a check of the tunnel just a few days ago, and there didn’t appear to be anything of concern; i.e., no concerns of collapsing.” Toni adds that the railroad and their structural engineers may also do site checks of the tunnel. “We see them on the tracks periodically,” she says.

The other side of the tracks

The other tunnel you mention is the College Avenue Underpass, which is a beauty, in my view. You can access the underpass from the west side of College Avenue via the parking lot between Pitkin and Lake streets. A short stroll through the underpass takes you through CSU’s Annual Trial Gardens to the magnificent University Center for the Arts on Remington Street.

Rest assured this tunnel is safe, too.

Hope this helps squelch your squeamish tunnel trauma!

Yours in passageway peace,
Cam the Ram