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Awards / Honors

Celebrating 40 years of saving lives

February 29, 2011

More than 15,000 units of blood have been collected at blood drives during the last 40 years at Colorado State University.

45,000 patients' lives have been enhanced

During this time, more than 45,000 patient’s lives have been enhanced thanks to the generosity of both the CSU and Fort Collins communities.

Bonfils thanks CSU for 40 years of service'Students, staff and faculty at CSU never cease to amaze me'

“To have an organization partner with Bonfils for four decades is something spectacular,” says Vice President of Marketing and Community Operations Jessica Maitland. “The students, staff and faculty at CSU never cease to amaze me and the dedication from the entire community is what makes this partnership so strong.”

On Feb. 28 , Bonfils Blood Center’s Business Development Manager, Jennifer Davis presented CSU with a 40 Years of Saving Lives Award.

'CSU is very proud of this partnership'

“Colorado State University is very proud of this partnership,” says Lory Student Center’s Executive Director, Mike Ellis. “It’s very exciting to see the many ways students, staff and faculty give back to the community, and Bonfils has provided outstanding coordination and resources for this effort throughout the years.”

CSU hosts 15 blood drives each year with and an average of 75 people donating at each drive.

Bonfils Blood Center

For nearly 70 years, Bonfils Blood Center has successfully managed the community blood supply and played an integral role in Colorado’s healthcare system. Bonfils Blood Center supplies blood to nearly 200 healthcare facilities and needs to collect nearly 3,000 blood donations weekly to meet the needs of the community and to be prepared for any unexpected events.