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Ask Cam

What's up with campus cams?

January 20, 2009

Cam provides the latest beta on videos.


Cam, glad you’re back. What happened to the Owl Cam?

Cam’s answer: I’m happy to report our feathered friends still have the camera on the third floor of the Administration Building watching over them – although no birds at this time are nesting. You can visit the Owl Cam at

The camera looks out over the blue spruce at the corner of the building, where great horned owls have been nesting for decades. Keep a watch on the Owl Cam – this is the time of year when owls typically set up housekeeping, and other nests have been seen in and around the Oval.

Another intrepid campus employee asked: Now that the Computer Science Building is done, to whom can I talk to get the camera on the Clark Building scanning again? I use it when I travel to see what's going on at home!

Cam’s answer: The Clark Building cam is now scanning again, thanks to the friendly folks at Academic and Computer Networking Services, who are in charge of the rig. Doug Satterfield told me the camera was temporarily stopped from scanning side-to-side while construction was under way on the Computer Science Building so that another department on campus could make a video record of the building process.

Check out the cool Clark cam. The site includes a campus map of the camera location.