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Off-Campus Life continues Party Registration

August 22, 2011

Off-Campus Life is continuing its Party Registration program this fall with plans to continue year-round. The program began on Aug. 1.

The Party Registration program encourages students who live off campus to register their parties in order to potentially avoid fines. The program, which came about after numerous requests from students for a formal warning system, was developed by CSU/City Community Liaison and officers from Fort Collins Police Services who began working together to design the party registration program.

Save yourself from fines

CSU students will be able to register their Friday or Saturday night parties year round at the Off-Campus Life office. Students should register their party by 5 p.m. the Thursday prior to the party.

Should a noise complaint be received by Fort Collins Police Services, the registered party host will be contacted by dispatch via phone and will be given a verbal warning to breakup their party in a 20-minute time frame without intervention from the police. If a second noise complaint is received after the 20-minute period, dispatch will send an officer to the residence to deal with the noise. If an officer is required to make personal contact with a registered party home after they receive a warning, then fines may likely be higher since the situation was not corrected.

The warning process is related to noise complaints only. Once an address receives a warning, they will not be able to register another party at that address during the school year.

A noise complaint can result in a fine of up to $1,000.
A noise violation constitutes a criminal misdemeanor.

"There are students in our community who would like to take every step possible to prevent them from getting a noise ticket,” said Adrienne Battis, community liaison for Colorado State University and the city of Fort Collins. “Should a complaint be received, this service will allow the student to break up their party quickly and on their own without a visit from the police. Ideally, students will be hosting responsible parties in which no noise complaint is received by the police department, but should it happen, this is an extra precaution the party host can take to avoid an expensive ticket."

"By giving students the opportunity to break up their party on their own, students will hopefully avoid a noise ticket,” said Fort Collins Police Services officer, Scott Crumbaker.

Benefits to registering your party

There are many tangible benefits of the Party Registration program:

  • Reduce the time in which a party is broken up as neighbors will not have to wait for the police to arrive
  • Save money in Fort Collins and CSU Police Departments’ officer overtime during the Party Patrol calls
  • Decrease congestion in the municipal courts
  • Lessen the number of officers responding to noise complaints, resulting in less wear and tear on police vehicles driving across town, savings in fuel, and reduction in pollution
  • Save party hosts money, a criminal record and possibly avoid administrative sanctions held by CSU

With each registration, the student will be given educational materials on partying safely and responsibly; these students may avoid a noise ticket simply because they became a more “informed” party host by stopping in at Off-Campus Life.

ASCSU provides instrumental support

ASCSU and the City of Fort Collins have been instrumental in providing the financial and collaborative support to expand the Party Registration program.  “Due to the positive response heard back from program participants with 100% supporting the expansion of the program to year round, ASCSU has worked closely with various entities to expand to a year round (Friday and Saturday) program starting Aug. 1, 2011.  My support for this program is such that the ASCSU budget now provides dedicated financial support to ensure the quality and longevity of this program,” said ASCSU President Eric Berlinberg.

For more information, contact Adrienne Battis at (970) 491-6707 or visit Off-Campus Life in Rm 142 of the Lory Student Center.

Contact: Adrienne Battis
Phone: (970) 491-6707