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Working at CSU

Jim Hebbeln Everyday Hero award recipient


The Classified Personnel Council is pleased to recognize Jim Hebbeln, an ACNS Telecom Specialist as an outstanding employees within the CSU community.

Jim has been employed at the University for 21 years and has been working in his position as a Telecom Specialist the entire time. He came to CSU in 1993 after his former telecom employer closed its Fort Collins office and Jim couldn’t stand the commute to Denver any longer. .

Jim was nominated by Heidi Mechtenberg of Facilities Services for the Everyday Hero Award.

Heidi nominated Jim because of going above and beyond by helping to resolve a phone line issue that resulted in significant financial penalties being dropped.  

“Certain gas meters at CSU communicate via telephone connections to Xcel Energy operations," Heidi explained. "These gas meters call out every evening with their data.  Sometimes those calls are interrupted when the phone lines fail in some way.  … Xcel enacts penalties when the issue is perceived to be the responsibility of the customer and is not being resolved in a timely manner (2 weeks).” 

In one such case, the phone line was down for over a month. Jim worked with Telecom and Xcel Energy to track down where the trouble lie and was even able to get the penalties dropped.

“Jim has always shown great knowledge and expertise in helping to solve the telecom issues that Facilities has had with these gas meters," Heidi said. "He is beyond patient and thoroughly professional at all times. He deserves to have his recognition and this recognition before his retirement. He will be dearly missed by this Facilities staff member!”

Fan of telecom, railroads and highways

When Jim is not working, he enjoys researching the histories of telecommunications, railroads, and the highway systems.  He is writing an article on the first Transcontinental Long Distance Line from New York to San Francisco that passed through Fort Collins in 1915.  The line was the genesis of electronics within telecommunications. 

Jim belongs to the organization Colorado WINS, and is starting conductor training in early May so he can drive the trolley here in town. 

When Jim was asked what he wants his fellow employees to know about him, he said he really enjoys taking complex technology and making it work for everyone. When asked what he thought about being nominated for the Everyday Hero Award, Jim said, “I appreciate it,"  "It’s a reflection of trying to make things work.”    

Jim plans to retire on Jan. 25, 2015, the exact anniversary of his 22nd year at CSU, and the centennial of The Transcontinental Line.

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