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Ask Cam

New building name

December 10, 2009

Question: "Cam, I saw the poll to vote on a new name for the Academic Instruction Building. I hate 'em all! How about a "none of the above" option or giving campus a chance to submit ideas. Gold Hall? What's THAT all about?"

Cam’s response:

Well, I was actually out of town for this meeting, so I wasn’t able to provide my suggestion of “Cam the Ram’s Soul Center of the Universe(ity).” But that was a long shot anyway and I don’t have enough hay to donate for the naming rights.

CSU does have Green Hall, named after former President Roy Green, and to have Green and Gold halls would be pretty fancy. Behavioral Sciences would be appropriate, as it will be housing behavioral sciences. To me, Academic Connection would be a sweet name for a band that plays in a Schoolhouse Rock segment. But if you have suggestions, or want to find out more, check out this link detailing the new Academic Instruction Building.

You mascot master planner,