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New research findings about obesity

September 21, 2011

Author of the best-selling Strong Women Series and nutrition researcher from Tufts University Miriam Nelson will present an evening talk at Colorado State about solid, scientific evidence that shows that by transforming our social and physical environments, we can reverse the trend in American society toward higher obesity rates.

Wednesday, September 28
7-8:30 p.m.
Drake Center
802 W. Drake, Suite 101

Enjoy an evening with Miriam Nelson, Ph.D., author of the "Strong Women" book series, as she shares her message and current work addressing the obesity epidemic: The Social Network Diet: Change Yourself, Change the World.  

Trends in Fort Collins

The inspiring talk will appeal to all ages and will include a local picture of what Fort Collins (including students, staff and faculty at CSU and Northern Colorado) are doing and can be doing to stop this trend.

Will power has minimal impact

There is a common misconception that our food intake and physical activity is completely dependent on our own individual choices and will power. However, study after study suggests that the obesity crisis we’re facing as individuals and as a nation is only minimally caused by our own poor choices – it is primarily a reflection of our surrounds – both our social and our physical environments.

Miriam Nelson offers a powerful new approach to making healthy change in your own life and the world by harnessing the power of social networking, especially person-to-person connections. Be inspired to implement proven strategies on how to make lasting, positive change in your life by creating a supportive social network and a healthy food and physical activity environment.

In remarking on Nelson's new findings and work, Nancy Snyderman, M.D., NBC News Chief Editor says, "If social networking can change governments, why can't it change how we eat and manage our weight? Well, it can."

Miriam Nelson, Ph.D., and her team are empowering Change Clubs in local communities to improve their food and physical activity environment. Registration required

This presentation is free but registration is required by calling:

  • (970) 495-8560

About the speaker

Nelson is an associate professor at Tufts University and is director of the John Hancock Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition. She has written nine books on the theme of “Strong Women.” These books and the work being performed at Tufts are helping women to shed the shackles that aging has to be a normal process of physical decline, osteoporosis and other forms of mental and physical deterioration. With proper exercise and nutrition, some of the deteriorating processes of aging can be mitigated or even reversed.

Leading by example, Nelson is the quintessential strong woman. In addition to her rigorous research, book writing, speaking engagements, appearing on TV shows such as Oprah, The Today Show and Good Morning America, she is an avid rock climber, mother of three children, and now, a marathon runner.

The event is sponsored by the College of Applied Human Sciences and presented by Colorado State University Extension and Poudre Valley Health System Aspen Club

Contact: Shirley Perryman
Phone: (970) 491-2404