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Working at CSU

Everyday Hero - Larry Brown

February 16, 2009

Larry Brown is our newest Everyday Hero. Larry, a mechanical and electrical trades manager, was nominated by Allison Fox of Housing and Dining Operations Management.

Larry BrownLarry has been employed with CSU for almost two years in his present position as a manager and supervisor to approximately sixteen employees. Here is what Allison had to say about Larry:

Larry Brown is an everyday Hero. Larry "tackled" a tough job in the University Village Apartments re-wire project. There were numerous “hurdles” that we encountered and he was always on top of them and followed up with the customer or contractor immediately.

When there were complaints he was quick to brainstorm ideas with me to come up with a better approach to meet our needs as well as the customer needs. He quickly discovered that daily meetings with his crew were essential to ensure that communication was clear for the units they were working in each day as the needs/demands/etc changed by resident! In addition to the UV 1500 project, Larry also has organized/planned a remodel of the plumbing and electrical shops at Operations Management. He moved all of the Mechanical Electrical supplies out of our warehouse and consolidated items. He has been able to better utilize the space in the two shop areas and make a more productive work space for his crew.

Expanding responsibilities

Larry came to CSU after having his own mechanical and plumbing business for nine years. “I worked all hours and many hours plus never got to take a vacation,” he recalls. Needing a change, he applied at CSU. While at CSU his job duties have expanded to include being responsible for HVAC/HVAC Controls, Electrical, Plumbing, Kitchen and Refrigeration, Fire Sprinklers, and Billings for Contractors and/or Inspectors. Larry’s office shows how much he values organization.

Away from the office

He enjoys his motorcycle and works out at the least four times a week. These must be great stress releasers since Larry seems so calm with a sly grin on his face. Larry wants his fellow employees to know "I’m a big teddy bear. I’m glad I have good people to do the work, they’re motivated and have good ideas."

His plans for the future include taking a vacation. Larry thinks being nominated an Everyday Hero is flattering and says "I feel I’m just doing my job."

Congratulations Larry Brown!

More about Everyday Hero

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Everyday Hero is a special recognition program sponsored by the Classified Personnel Council for recognizing outstanding employees within the CSU community. All Colorado State University state classified staff, administrative professionals, and faculty members are eligible to receive the award.

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