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Everyday Hero Lynda Reed

June 8, 2010

Lynda Reed, assistant to the director at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital Animal Cancer Center, is the latest Classified Personnel Council Everyday Hero.

Lynda Reed
Program Assistant II / Assistant to the Director
VTH Animal Cancer Center

Lynda was nominated by Deanna Worley who works in Clinical Sciences. Here is what she had to say:

This Every Day Hero Nomination is for Lynda Reed, the heart and soul of the Animal Cancer Center. We have lots of very special members in our team, but we could not shine and do what we do without Lynda Reed’s guidance, hope, and energy. When I think of the Animal Cancer Center, images of Lynda’s smiling face and her essence arise first—she is truly the heart and soul of our organization.

As one who has been growing through the ranks here, Lynda has served as my role model and an administrative guide. Her position is Assistant to the Director which she more than fills. Some of the deserving attributes that I feel need to be recognized include her “ready-to-help-now” and friendly work habits, her high personal code of conduct, and creating an atmosphere which encourages all team members to succeed and rise to a higher standard.

One of many stories of Lynda, she answered the phone of a distraught and exasperated client, and in response she told the client, “Hello, my name is Lynda Reed and I am the person who is going to help you.” The client’s disposition immediately changed and relaxed, and Lynda saw that this person was appropriately and expediently helped in her trademark fashion. Her job is constantly busy, but she is never stressed and is able to get her tasks (including her job description as well as additional personally identified tasks) completed in an efficient and conscientious manner.

Comments I’d like to share from our Animal Cancer Center Director regarding Lynda include “trustworthy, loyal, helpful, courteous, kind, thrifty, brave, clean, reverent, focused, caring, compassionate, sincere, calm, cool, collected,…HUGE asset to the ACC and our missions,…my moral barometer.” Another colleague shares that “she always has a smile on her face which is genuine and infectious…she is wonderful to work with, very respectful and supportive”. She was to be nominated jointly from many in our team for the State Classified Star Award this year, but that is one I have since learned she already earned nine years ago and there is a 10-year moratorium for past recipients.

These brief effusive comments do not fully and adequately portray Lynda Reed’s merit for the Every Day Hero…but I don’t feel comfortable withholding praise for one so deserving.

More about Reed

Upon meeting with Lynda, all that was said of her was certainly true in first impressions. Lynda speaks so highly of all the people she works with and shows how much she loves her work in helping others. She has been with CSU since 1976 with a short period where she left to seek other work but came back in 1987 and has been at VTH since. In 1999, Lynda was asked to work in the new Animal Cancer Center and loves all she is able to do for everyone at the center.

In addition, Lynda feels strongly about her involvement with the American Cancer Society. She participates in the planning of the big fund raiser, Relay for Life. Lynda and her husband moved here from New Jersey in 1976 to be “in the mountains” and enjoy all the recreational opportunities available. Her favorites are hiking, camping, and fishing, or as her husband calls it “catching”. Other interests include rock 'n' roll music and just being outside.

Lynda doesn’t think her co-workers would believe she is truly a “quiet person”. She describes herself as a good talker at work but is more of a “homebody” away from work. Lynda plans to continue to work at the Animal Cancer Center until she “wins the lottery or gets Alzheimer’s and can’t work.” Being nominated for the Everyday Hero award made her feel very special and that people appreciate the little things she does.

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Everyday Hero is a special recognition program sponsored by the Classified Personnel Council for recognizing outstanding employees within the CSU community. All Colorado State University state classified staff, administrative professionals, and faculty members are eligible to receive the award. Please go to the Classified Personnel Council website to make a nomination.

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