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CSU Extension gets recognized by CSUAB at annual meeting

October 21, 2009

The Colorado State University Activities Board is proud to recognize the employees of Colorado State University Extension for their hard work in providing relevant research and support for the State of Colorado.

CSU Extension has the unique responsibility of sharing all that is CSU with our diverse stakeholders,” explains CSUAB President Patsy Harlan. “They are an ‘extension’ of CSU is every sense of the word”.

CSU Extension is a statewide and nationwide non-formal educational network bringing research-based information into communities to help people improve their lives. Their model addresses learning, discovery, and engagement, and focuses on pressing educational, social, economic, scientific, and health challenges of our times.

More than 350 employees in Colo.

“Extension is the best example of engagement at CSU. With more than 350 employees across the state, we take research from the University and make it useful to the citizens of Colorado. These employees are not only the 'face' of the University in the local community, but an important link who bring issues and education needs of local residents to the campus community,” adds Deb Young, CSU Extension director.

Five of CSU’s eight colleges have Extension roles, which includes 13 departments. Off campus, there are 54 offices serving 59 of our 64 counties. The Extension staff is made up of on-campus agents, off-campus agents, and approximately 10,000 volunteers. Their combined efforts service an impressive 1,194,712 participants.

“We are proud to have them represent CSU in all of these counties around our state,” comments Harlem. The CSUAB honored CSU Extension during their annual meeting on Oct. 6, 2009.

If you would like to nominate a group to be recognized by the CSUAB, please contact President Patsy Harlan at Patsy.Harlan@ColoState.EDU.

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