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CSU Presidential Ambassadors host Tuition Runs Out

April 23, 2012

The CSU Presidential Ambassadors will hold CSU's first Tuition Runs Out event on April 23 on the Lory Student Center plaza. The event aims to build awareness and appreciation for the many ways that private funding enables CSU to operate.

Tuition Runs Out event April 23

The 2012 Tuition Runs Out event will take place from 10 a.m-3 p.m. on Monday, April 23, on the Lory Student Center Plaza.

Tuition Runs Out aims to educate students about the many ways private donations help CSU meet its goals. CSU’s first Tuition Runs Out is hosted by the CSU Presidential Ambassadors. The 2012 event, “The Price of CSU,” includes game show-themed educational activities. Attendees will receive tumblers, stickers, t-shirts, refreshments, and more.

Students and the campus community are encouraged to visit the Presidential Ambassadors on Facebook and Twitter (@PresAmbassador1) to find out more details. Students can even win prizes by using the #TuitionRunsOut hashtag and by participating in other social media contests!

The changing landscape of higher education funding

Did you know tuition and student fees only account for about one quarter (26 percent) of the total annual cost to run CSU’s operations, which includes academics, research, and service? The rest of the tab is picked up by funds raised through grants and contracts (36 percent), state support (14 percent), donations and gifts (5 percent), and other sources of revenue.

What students pay in tuition and fees is used to support the CSU student experience -- 62.2 percent of tuition and fees is spent on instruction and support, 9.8 percent goes to operations and plant, 17.3 percent goes to student services and scholarships, and 10.7 percent is spent on institutional support (admissions, administrative, technology, etc.).

While twenty years ago, two-thirds of the cost of a CSU education was paid through the state funding, that ratio has flipped today. Individual students and their families now pay two-thirds of the costs, with the state paying the remaining one-third. This shift has made financial aid increasingly important, and private giving helps backfill cuts in state funding.

Higher education funding and the impact on students

Many students know little about higher education funding and how it affects them. For instance, 74 percent of students receive financial aid, 45 percent of students receive scholarships to attend CSU, and 10 percent of students receive scholarships solely funded through the support of donors. The Campaign for Colorado State University (all private donations) raised $59 million dollars for scholarships, awarded 15,372 scholarships and created 485 new scholarship funds.

The impact of private funding/donations on facilities includes the following (all listed below were funded entirely by private support in the last five years):

  • Athletics: Joey Porter Locker Room, Harmony Center Golf Facility, Hughes Stadium field resurface
  • College of Agricultural Sciences: Kelley Bartlett Conference Room and Student Lounge, Legends of Ranching Barn
  • College of Applied Human Sciences: Preconstruction Center, Gustafson Gallery, Avenir Museum of Design & Merchandising
  • College of Engineering: Lab Modernization Initiative: Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Classrooms, Lockheed Martin Design Studio, Whitney Borland Capital Improvements
  • College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences: Agricultural Animal Hospital
  • Warner College of Natural Resources: Forestry Building Remodel

Come on down!

Tuition Runs Out: The Price of CSU is a great opportunity for students to go home with a t-shirt or a tumbler, as well as a newfound sense of appreciation for the ways in which private support picks up where tuition leaves off.

About the Presidential Ambassadors

The Tuition Runs Out event is planned and implemented by the Presidential Ambassadors. Run out of the Office of CSU Events, the Presidential Ambassadors represent students at official university events and functions.

Part of the Presidential Ambassador mission is to implement educational programming about the importance of private giving and philanthropy. Annually, the Presidential Ambassadors host a donor gratitude event each fall and a ‘Tuition Runs Out’ event each spring.

Contact: Ryan Moulden
Phone: (719) 321-4238